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General Information

A normal body weight for adult males is 95 to 120kg and for females 65 to 80kg. Prolificacy for adult ewes is normally in excess of 200% and for ewe lambs 180%, breeding from ewe lambs does not lead to a reduction in subsequent lambing rates in most cases. Ewes and many of their crosses, breed naturally out of season without sponging, tups are eager workers.

The breed is easily managed and is suitable for most management systems. The sheep will adapt to extensive systems on poor land, there are several flocks kept at 1,000 feet. or they can be more intensively managed on good lowland pasture, they are also suitable for indoor rearing. Under some systems it is possible to have three crops of lambs in two years. The ewes and rams are normally docile adding to the ease of management.

Ewes usually lamb easily on their own, lambing problems are uncommon, and the newborn lamb is eager to live, they “get up and grow”. The normal birth weight of lambs is 4 to 6kg.