Description of Breed

Vendéen Sheep
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Secretary: Andrew John   Darkes House
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Breed Description

The head shows much character and presence. The head and cheeks will carry wool. The ears shall be large and fine. The face will be brown and there will be no wool on the face. The nose will be reasonably long and the muzzle broad. The body will be long with a broad back, well sprung ribs, a strong loin and a deep gigot. The legs will be of medium bone and lightly covered. The Vendeen is not a long legged breed, but it should not be too close to the ground.

The fleece is of excellent quality, being of a fine down type and very uniform in fibre length, with no coarse kempy wool on the lower part of the hind quarters. The staple length is 5 to 7 cm and the average UK fleece weighs 3.5kg per sheep.

The ewe is similar to the ram except for the head which should be feminine and stylish.

The adult male weighs between 110 and 140kg, the adult female weighs between 80 and 110kg.